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A Primer On Why Injection Molding Is The Most Viable Option In Manufacturing Today

Have you come across a new product anytime lately and wondered how it is manufactured? Sometimes the design is so intricate that you may wonder if it is a designing marvel in your hands. I am talking about products that are absolutely an eye candy

Manufacturing has come a long way today:

Thanks to technology, manufacturing today have surpassed all bounds. There are products that were not conceivable to be made even a few years ago but with solid principles of engineering and scientific know-how, it is now possible to not only make them but even bust the myth that it is not possible to design even the most intricate of stuff.

Injection molding as a manufacturing process:

This method of manufacturing is used for mass production of a product sometimes numbering in millions. There is an obvious edge by producing them through this process. Here is a list of why plastic injection molding is by far the best process in manufacturing products that need to be made in successive lines and in large to very large volumes:

1.Wastage and scrap are minimal in this process:

The scrap that is generated in the production process is so minimal that it is one of the most opted processes by industries. Of course, there are other recent processes like the 3D printing that generates even lesser scrap but it cannot keep up with the manufacturing en masse that injection molding is capable of.

2.The scrap can be recycled again:

The scrap that is left and the defective pieces that are molded by the machine can be melted again and refed into the plastic injection molding machine as raw material. This means that even recycling is possible. Quality control departments may have to check as to the amount of regrind or recycled plastic that is fed in it again. The best practice in the industry is to collect the regrind and scrap and sell it to other industries that make parts that do not warrant very high performances.

3.Product quality and consistency are maintainable:

Because the manufacturing process is repeatable n number of times, it is easier to maintain consistency in design and quality. This attribute is extremely important in maintaining reliability when a lot of money is invested especially in higher volume contracts and when brand loyalty is at stake.

Landscape Design

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4.The process is extremely cost-effective:

If the product to be molded is high in volume, then the high costs that go into making the die cast and the design prototype are absolutely justified. Also, if the product is to be produced in very high numbers then it does make sense to make it right in the first time itself.


Because the production value is high and the quantity is going to be big, it is easy for the industry to break even after say a few hundred or a thousand pieces manufactured.

Are there any disadvantages to this process?

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